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On the product catalog site of Engert Ship Models, you will receive an overview of some specific models which I am offering among others. The entire Engert*Ship*Models offer is arranged in a complete bound E*S*M catalog, edition V, on 100 pages. The pure air mail fee for the catalog amounts to 10.00 €.. You can order the catalog by e-mail esm@engert-ship-models.de

Due to the high standards that we keep and by a detailed quality control, we oblige to delivery of only high quality products. The satisfaction of our customers is our highest principle.

On this page, some of the models are linked with a PDF-File that lists all the specific ship models which you can also find in the catalog. You can either look at them online, or download the PDF to print the list offline.

The following shows a list of products out of my catalog:

    Neptun: All the models are very high quality models, extremely fine manufactured ships of World War II, all the models in fairly constant production

    Navis: The Navis line devoted to warships of World War I, models generally lack the level of detail of Neptun models and are in constant production

    Mercator: One of the oldest companies in continuous production, a producer of liners, freighters, ferrys and merchant ships, with very good painting and special prices

    Skytrex: The successor of manufacturers for Mercator models, with the same quality

    Albatros- AL: Merchant ship models, highly detailed and painted, ocean freighters, tankers, liners & yachts. Will be delivered as long as on stock

    Albatros- ALK: Modern warship, same quality as above, limited unique edition models

    Hansa: Variety of ships, precise detail, faithful finished metal models, warships and merchant models, all the models in stock; are no longer made

    Hai: Are in metal fine detailed cast, finished models from a wide range of eras, constant in production

    Different models: Finished models from different manufacturer

    Fleetline-Kit: Are fine detailed metal kits

    Schlingelhof: Model ships and aircraft, hand painted

    Sextant: Modern merchant ships, are finished in metal

    OS-Models: Finished in metal models

    Classic: Fascination seafaring, is a very very fine fantastic handmade high quality line, in a glass show case, obtainable as full hull/cabinet or as waterline model

    CM-CMKR: Exquisitely detailed modern and early period ocean liners, different ships with long delivery time

    Opatus: Good finished models, extra version with improved masts and painted decks.

    RA, RFR, RG, WDS, KLA, BI: Small line of finished ship models from different manufacturers.

More informations and the ordering conditions you can ask for by e-mail esm@engert-ship-models.de or by klicking the button “Contact” to directly send us a message. You may also call us at phone no. 0049/951/1553 at any time between 0900 and 1900 hrs.

We will be happy to serve your needs.