E*S*M*Engert*Ship*Models Edmund Engert                    Postfach/Box 11 42                 96121 Litzendorf/Lohndorf            Phone: 0049/9505/1553           Fax: 0049/9505/6763                   E-mail:                          esm@engert-ship-models.de


Attention: Now new, for all my E*S*M  Ship model customers, newcomer and friends, I will calculate 15% discount for all orders over 200.00 € (EURO) automatically, if shipment is to a country outside from the EG - EUROPEAN COMMUNITY.

My E*S*M airmail shipping instructions are as follows, if shipment to a country outside Germany (Europe or overseas).

Send a purchase order per E-Mail or per Fax.
(Use the order form, save, print offline and fill out
HERE then send per fax, or use our form to fill out as Word Document HERE to send per e-mail)

  • Now new: E-mail address: esm@engert-ship-models.de
  • Now new: Internet address: www.engert-ship-models.de
  • For ordering please provide me the following information:
    • Your correct name, address, state and zip code number
    • The exact model number and the type you’d like to order
    • An alternate model for your order
    • The best way for payment is via VISA or MASTERCARD, therefore I need your exact and complete card number with expiration date
    • Your card testing number (this is very important!)
  • My Visa and MC accounts are in (€) Euro
  • For orders under 200.00 €, add 5.00 € fee
  • Now new for orders over 200.00 €, less 15% Discount

The airmail shipping cost to: Germany plus € 4.20

    • Europa plus 10 %
    • USA  plus 15 %
    • Far East plus 20 %

Until fully paid the merchandise remains my property:

My bank account in Germany:

    • Sparkasse Litzendorf BLZ 770 500 00
    • Account-No.  180 661
    • USt.-Id. Nr. DE 169 310 226 (Tax ID No.)
    • IBAN DE66770500000000180661

I wish you and yours lot of fun, hoping to bring you many hours of enjoyment with your hobby.